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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Insured?

Absolutely.  Licensed and Insured!

When hiring a pressure washing service provider, be sure to ask about their insurance coverage. If they don’t have it and someone gets injured on the job site -you may find yourself responsible for medical expenses or even compensate victims of accidents caused by unqualified people who lack proper training!

Will my plants/flowers die?

Chemicals are a necessary evil for those who pressure wash. If you’re working with plants, make sure they can escape the chemicals and stay alive! Clear water is one way to help keep them happy before starting work – even if it’s just over some small leaves on their own branch or pot; this will also dilute any bad stuff that could end up in said plant later (like bleach). Another option may be an oxygen-based bleaching agent when dealing with large amounts of greenery–just don’t forget about how important air flow really is here too.

Can you adjust to my schedule?

Of course! You’re not the only one with a busy schedule. We are busy, yet flexible and can adjust our hours to meet yours!

Do you offer a guarantee for your service?

We’re Pristine Pressure Cleaning, and we know that you want the best for your home. That’s why our team of professionals are always available to provide high quality work at affordable rates with an unmatched guarantee: 100% satisfaction guaranteed! You can count on us because not only do we exceed expectations every time—we also have honor in protecting those who place their trust in us by holding insurance policies large enough to cover any damages resulting from poor conduct or negligence during services rendered (not including public liability).

Can pressure washing damage vinyl siding?

Your vinyl siding is a hard surface, but it’s still important to use low PSI settings when washing these surfaces. High-powered washes can cause damage or even penetrate into your home if you don’t pay attention!
Pristine Pressure Cleaning has 15+ years experience.  We will make sure that all of your  needs are met so you never have any worries about your property again – just hire us today!.

How often should I have my property pressure washed?

Generally, every five years.  There is no set guideline on how often you should have your property pressure washed. There are, however, a few key factors to help you determine if your property is overdue for a pressure washing. During a hot or humid weather season, mold or mildew may begin to accumulate on your property, as well as rain or debris from a major storm. If your property gets dirty frequently, then getting it washed every couple of months is advised.

Can high pressure damage my home?

Yes, it can.

Without proper training and the right equipment, you could damage your home’s surfaces by ripping off siding or etching a deck to permanently hurt its appearance if touched in an improper way while washing windows with water that’s too hot for this type of job- requiring specialised care from Pristine Pressure Cleaning team who use only safe methods, so there is no risk involved!